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A Little Less Worry


Making parenting a little easier

Nouvo is a tech startup that believes in putting people first! Our mission is to innovate and accelerate the worlds capabilities through technology.


Hospital sponsored startup

Nouvo has been recognized on a national level for its innovative health solutions, receiving support from nurses and physicians from one of the Best Regional Hospitals, Carle Foundation Hospital

Nouvo recently took home a winning spot from the first ever Make a-thon sponsored by the Worlds First Engineering-Based College of Medicine.


Solving real-world problems

We’ve had the opportunity to explore the everyday problems that parents face and we’ve come across the same stories.

Having a sick child is one of the hardest moments for a parent. Wanting to comfort your child but not knowing what it is that’s bothering them is a very frustrating thing to go through.

We aim to make it easier for parents to understand symptoms, complications and signs of a sick child.


Smart Pacifier 1

We’ve transformed the regular old pacifier into a tool that can be used to potentially save lives!

Our Smart Pacifier monitors some of the most important vitals such as Temperature, pH, and your baby’s activity.



What we believe in


The team at Nouvo believes that health should be the number one priority in everyones lives. We want to help make healthcare more accessible, more affordable, and easier to manage and understand.

We’re starting with pediatric health.

Join us in the journey!

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