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A little less worry

Track and monitor your littles one’s vitals and never worry again.


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Why families are choosing nouvo


Real time Monitoring

Smart pacifier 1 tracks and monitors pH and temperature levels in your little one in real time. Ensuring that you always know what’s going on.


Connected Care

If we detect that your child has had a consistently irregular reading we notify you and then we ping you with screening questions surrounding: Behavior changes, body Language, and other important factors such as sleep and feeding habits.


Peace of mind

Nouvo creates calmer, confident and more at ease parents by providing them insightful information on their child’s health.

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Monitor ph & temperature levels

Worry less with Nouvo’s Smart Pacifier. The Smart Pacifier tracks and monitors your child’s pH and temperature levels and sends the data directly to your smart device via bluetooth in real time. If we detect any irregular readings, we’ll ping you with screening questions surrounding your child’s behavior, body language, and any other variables in order to ensure your care is personalized.




Infants are very vulnerable as they make the transition from the womb to the world. We want to make sure your little one is healthy and thriving.