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“This Smart Pacifier Wants to Diagnose Sick Infants”

In conversations with doctors about creating the pacifier, Saulsberry discovered that physicians needed more data points to accurately diagnose infants who — Read More Here:

“Much more than a pacifier”

To date Nouvo now has a team of six. All of whom are fellow students ranging from engineering to industrial design backgrounds. The advisory board is comprised of doctors, an FDA lawyer, financial specialist, and much more - Read More Here:



“These incredible ideas have the power to change the face of medicine..”

With the resources from the Health Maker Lab and the drive and dedication of the citizen-scientists, there is no limit to how far these ideas will go - Read More Here:


“This internal drive shaped so much of what Saulsberry, Founder of Nouvo, has become”

He founded a startup called Nouvo, where he is designing a pacifier that detects acid reflux in newborns. It’s why he won the Top Newcomer award last year at the Cozad New Venture Challenge. And it’s why Nouvo gained entry to Gies College of Business’ iVenture - Read More Here: