About us

Nouvo pitching at Avant

Nouvo pitching at Avant

Company mission


Nouvo is a chicago based health Technology startup that focuses on creating opportunity and value through smart, connected products. We want to create opportunities for parents, caretakers, and medical professionals to detect an issue sooner, rather than later. Nouvo wants to help streamline the decision making process for physicians, but not take away any value from them. instead, we want to offer them greater access to a patient, even outside of the hospital.

Nouvo is also looking to create value for parents as well. providing parents with REASSURANCE and peace of mind with our smart pacifier and our platform, which allows a parent to connect with physicians, nurses, and parents who may be struggling with similar situations as they are around the clock.


Amaury’s Story


Amaury saulsberry, founder and CEO of Nouvo, started the company shortly after experiencing his family go through 3 months of constant worry, stress, and depression all STEMMING from an uncomfortable and screaming child. His then infant brother would be crying out of pain and irritation due to an UNNOTICEABLE complication. He was suffering from GERd (acid reflux disease) Something his parents didn’t discover until he was 3 months old.

Acid reflux caused him to vommit 20+ times a day, neglect his bottle during feeding, and scream 12-15hrs out the day. Something his parents didn’t discover until he was 3 months old. With The vomiting came the acid from his stomach, which caused a buring sensation in his esophagus — that would result in 80% of his esophagus being damaged.

The biggest issue through all of this was that his parents felt hopeless. They were in a position where they didn’t know or understand how to help their child. After about 4 doctors’ visits, his parents would go on to believe that he’s just a cranky infant. Constantly being told by physicians: “all babies spit up”, “some babies are crankier than others”, “well he looks fine sitting in front of me”