"I don't know why my baby is so fussy and cranky"


It may be acid reflux



The Baby


Acid reflux in babies comes with confusing symptoms while silently causing harm to your child



1. Clear discomfort or signs of being in pain

2. Fighting away the bottle during feeding

3. Excessive regurgitation or gagging

4. Acidic smell on breath



IRRITABLE and Fussy baby

With a baby who's showing clear discomfort and pain, you can imagine the behavior of your child at this point. Crying and fussing about 80% of the day is what you can expect.

Inability to hold down food

With a child that continues to excessively spit up throughout the day, it is expected that your child isn’t getting and holding down the needed nutrients from their food.

Permanent Damage to Esophagus

If this issue is gone unnoticed or untreated for too long, it can lead to permanent esophagus damage and cause a need for surgery, medication, and more.


The Parent

High levels of Anxiety and stress

Having a highly irritable baby and no idea of what's causing them the irritation, you're bound to become more anxious and frustrated as a parent.

Sleepless Nights

With a baby that is in constant pain, you can expect the amount of crying that comes from that, at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, it’s not just the crying that’ll cause you to lose sleep. It’s the constant fear of your baby spitting up while their laying down and choking on their own vomit, or the fear of that happening while you’re asleep.

These type of scenarios happens often with a child that has reflux.