Smart Pacifier 1


pH Monitoring

We’re focusing on finding ways to solve late detecting of GERD (Acid Reflux) amongst infants and young children. Over 25% of babies suffer from some form of the complication before the age of 1 and many suffer beyond that point. The hardest thing is understanding if your child has it or doesn’t have it.

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Temperature Monitoring

A high fever is a clear sign of your child’s body fighting off something. Our pacifier tracks your child’s temperature in real time and sends you all of the updates.

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Activity Tracking

We all know how busy a baby can get. We want to allow you to track when your child is on the go, awake from their nap, or if they’re rolling around in the crib.

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Parent Friendly Interface

We’ve made sure that everything we track and monitor is sent directly to you, in real time! Our mobile and web app allows you to collect important data and also send it your pediatrician!